Doing it Right the First Time, Eagle’s Quality Inspection Program

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As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc (Eagle) operates with processes and procedures in place each day. Some of the most critical of these involve part inspection and documenting quality.

Original equipment manufacturers that we support expect high quality parts, shipped on time, in less time, at a competitive price. In order to achieve this, the part must be made right the first time. It is costly in time and resources to make parts that do not meet customer specifications.

Inspection is crucial to verify the product meets customer specifications which is why, at Eagle, we start inspection when the raw material enters our building and do not stop until it arrives to you in perfect condition.

There are several components that make up our quality inspection program.

Pre-Process Inspection:

In-Process Inspection:

Manufacturing Inspection:

Final Inspection:

Eagle maintains all inspection records in our system for future reference should an issue arise. Some of our customers supply their own inspection documents. These specific requirements become our standard as part of inspection for them. Documenting and maintaining quality metrics is a valuable tool in continuously improving our operations.

At Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc, we believe that reliability plus responsiveness equals value. We create value by providing quality solutions on time, in less time and at a competitive price. We are committed to continuously improving our services and quality management systems.

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