Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc Supports Milwaukee School of Engineering Supermileage Vehicle Team

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The MSOE Super Mileage Vehicle Team centers around one goal-achieving the highest possible fuel economy. Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc is proud to help sponsor this team of Milwaukee School of Engineering students for the past several years.

The 2016-2017 team will be designing, building and competing both a gasoline powered vehicle and a battery-electric powered vehicle. The major projects for this year include:

The MSOE SuperMileage team encourages students from all educational backgrounds to join. It serves as an innovative project for students who are looking to put their classroom knowledge to work in a hands-on setting. The team is split into sub-groups responsible for designing various aspects of the vehicle. Each group is led by an upperclassmen mentor focusing on that aspect of the design.

Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc believes in promoting engineering and manufacturing skills and experience in the next generation of students, at all levels. We support the MSOE SuperMileage team by providing materials and custom machined plastic components.

For more information, go to http://smv.msoesae.org/

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